by @ifbbprokat "Its going down! #starving!!" via @PhotoRepost_app
Be sure to check out the very sexy FUEL athlete @feliceherrig on The Ultimate Fighter season 20 #tuf20 this coming September. by @feliceherrig "My @fitness girls magazine comes out Friday ! * I hope you guys like the cover * Be sure to get your copy. I will also be doing contests for signed copies and give one away at the @teamallmax booth at the Olympias in Vegas in September . So be on the lookout !!" via @PhotoRepost_app
by @siwaisanen "Thank you @fuel_up for my meals. I'm so excited to try them for the first time :) #fuelup #meals #prepared #foodprep" via @PhotoRepost_app
by @bcartermusic "I knew I would not have any time to cook this week, so I bought 14 @fule_up meals from @ifbbprokat at @nxtsportsnutrition_nyc" via @PhotoRepost_app
FUEL has joined the Mile High Club! Big shout out to @nonecknaylor and the pilots at @southwestair Just goes to show that you can eat clean wherever you are...Even 30,000 Ft in the air. #PoweredByFuel
There have so many emails on how to heat the meals so here are the instructions: 1. Peel the lid off of the meal slightly. 2. Open your microwave. 3. Place FUEL meal in microwave. 4. Heat FUEL meal for 2-3 minutes if thawed or 6-8 minutes if frozen (times vary on microwave). 5. Remove from the microwave. 6. Peel lid off completely from FUEL meal and discard the lid. 7. Eat FUEL meal. Hope we've helped in solving this dilemma.


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